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Neosporosis and Dogs

... and why picking up dog poo is really important even in the countryside

In November 2016 the Lancashire Evening Post ran a story about a local farmer whose cattle aborted after eating grass believed to have been contaminated with neospora protozoan parasite.

Whilst according to local Vets, Ribble Vets, "the theory of spread via infected dog faeces has not been conclusively proven", there is a body of research which suggests a cycle of infection between cattle and dogs.

As Coombefield Vetinary Hospital tell us on Facebook:

"The life cycle of this parasite is complex (see [US] diagram), involving predominantly dogs and cows.

Dogs become infected by consuming infected materials including wildlife. They can show no clinical signs while shedding the worm eggs in their faeces, these eggs can survive for months, sometimes even years, in the environment. So pasture contaminated over Autumn and Winter can still be infectious in Spring and Summer the following year.

There is no treatment or vaccinations for the infected cattle, so eradicating the parasite is not easy.


If you walk your dogs in farm land and they pass faeces, please remember to remove it and dispose of it properly.

Thank you."

We would also add that you should take care allowing your dog off the lead anywhere where you think they may come into contact with any potentially infected placental remnants or infected carcasses


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